Growth Network

A relationship with Prolific is a relationship with our network. Because growth takes a village.

Your growth journey with Prolific is only the beginning. We extend our network and relationships to execute your growth strategies. Some of these companies we own, and some we don’t, but what we care about is putting you on the best path forward to unlock your growth potential.

Growth Network

You know your customers inside and out. Want to know where to find more of them? Better yet, new insights on what they buy, read, news they trust and watch, drive, or wear? With Claritas, Prolific has helped dozens of partners understand who their customers are, where to find more of them, and how to reach them more effectively.

Culture Index is a human capital advisory firm that helps business leaders leverage analytics instead of instincts to scale and transform their organizations.

Want to know what B2C consumers actually think of your product, service, or industry? The experts at America’s Research Group have over four decades of experience conducting consumer research for a wide variety of national brands.

Giant Worldwide is a team optimization platform that drives the performance and awareness of the individuals within organizations.

If you’re in the process of passing your business down to a family member or preparing for a sale, merger or exit, Paradiem helps business owners navigate the complexity and stress of transitioning away from your business.

Kinsley Sarn is a premier executive search firm with proven success in retained search, assessment services, and transition services.

Resultant is an IT & Data Analytics Consulting firm. Since 2008, Resultant has worked alongside its clients to solve their toughest problems with empathy and a human touch.

The Signatry is a global Christian foundation that administers donor-advised funds. They inspire and facilitate revolutionary generosity to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Wiland is a B2C and B2B Predictive Buyer Response Research firm. Wiland has the largest set of individual-level consumer spending data ever assembled.

Portfolio Companies

JDA Worldwide is a full-service marketing agency serving consumer brands, impactful non-profit organizations, and fast-growing companies since 2003.

Conquer is a national paid-media agency driven by marketing science, predictive analytics, thorough planning, and measurable execution.

Chernoff Newman is an integrated communications company that combines creativity with business know-how to deliver cross-channel solutions based on research and driven by results.