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In 2013, Florida-based Biglife was a disciple-making nonprofit with bold aspirations for international Kingdom impact. Lacking a cohesive ministry-wide strategic plan, an outdated brand, and with less than $1 million in overall ministry revenue, Biglife turned to Prolific to grow their revenue, increase their operational footprint, and tell their story in an inspiring way.


Prolific worked alongside Biglife to create a Strategic Growth Plan tailored to their needs. Biglife needed more disciple-making movements in more countries, significantly more donors and donations, and higher year-end campaign giving. Prolific’s Strategic Growth Plan featured over a dozen strategies, all revolving around ways to accomplish these mighty tasks. Additionally, Prolific presented Biglife with a new brand that embodied the true ethos of the organization.


  • Since implementing Prolific’s Strategic Growth Plan, Biglife has grown from making disciples in 13 countries to 131, a 10x burst in operational growth.
  • Biglife’s ministry-wide revenue increased 611% over the 5-year life of Prolific’s Strategic Growth Plan.
  • Prolific also helped Biglife increase its 2020 year-end giving campaign by over 570%, helping drive major gains from its small, but growing, donor base.

“We view Prolific as a part of our team. Prolific is Biglife. They have helped us scale our revenue and impact — telling our story in inspiring ways that have caused real action. Their strategic expertise will continue to guide this organization for years to come.”

John Heerema, CEO, Biglife

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