Museum of the Bible (MOTB) is a 430,000-sq.-ft museum and attraction located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Before opening, the museum faced the mighty task of generating impactful local and global brand awareness. To get the word out, MOTB needed to overcome a 0.16% national-brand-awareness score and generate millions of online social media views to gain the attention of the masses, drive attendance, and make the global impact MOTB’s founders expected.


Museum of the Bible turned to Prolific for the strategy and execution of the museum’s grand opening. Prolific crafted several key growth strategies to drive awareness and attendance. Additionally, Prolific aided in the national paid-media strategy and buy, the creative campaign, and various deliverables for MOTB’s digital ecosystem, such as website design and development and social-media content.

  • Produced over 45 million cross-channel campaign views in one targeted brand awareness campaign titled “Experience the Book.”
  • On the heels of Prolific’s national ad campaign, Museum of the Bible welcomed over 500,000 guests in the first six months after opening.
  • The “Experience the Book” campaign also achieved a social “like versus dislike” approval rating of 96%, an uncommon approval rating for a faith-oriented organization.
  • According to Nielsen Ratings, the campaign increased MOTB’s brand awareness from .16% to 11% nationally and 29% in D.C.
cross-channel campaign views
guests in the first six months after opening
“like versus dislike” approval rating
increased MOTB’s brand awareness

“Not only did Prolific help raise the museum’s brand awareness to up over 11% nationally, through the ‘Experience the Book’ campaign, they also changed the expectation of visitors, reshaped the perception of our target audience, and per Nielsen’s research, millions are now more likely to visit the museum and recommend it to a friend after being positively impacted by the campaign.”

Kristine Deininger, Creative Director, Museum of the Bible

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