Wanting more market share, better shelf placements within grocery stores across the country, and higher sales, SeaPak needed a research-driven, creative partner with bold ideas for growth to break through their cluttered field of competitors


Through strategy, research, and data efforts focused on consumer trends related to shrimp sales, SeaPak was presented with insights largely unknown the frozen seafood industry. The sector historically weighted its advertising and marketing budgets in November and December of each calendar year as families gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. However, through our strategic research and planning, Prolific discovered a critical consumer trend: shrimp sales skyrocket each year during Lent. Yet, no seafood brand was taking action.

  • Provided precise strategy and direction for more effective paid-media placements during Lent season while also securing robust program integrations on the Food Network and
  • Equipped SeaPak to influence better shelf placements in grocery stores from late February to early April.
  • Moved from 14% to 81% market share, in specific categories, over four years.
  • SeaPak now enjoys the distinction of being the #1 most popular shrimp brand in Walmart stores across the country.
market share increase on specific products
most popular shrimp brand in Walmart stores
market share, in specific categories, over four years

One word that characterizes our long-standing partnership is trust. While that is mandatory for all business relationships, it’s harder to come by in the agency world where frequent over-promising and under-delivering dilutes integrity and prevents progress.”

Jim Motos, VP of Consumer Brand Division, Rich's

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