The Mind Trust is an education incubator that recruits and develops talented, innovative educators, launches high-quality schools equipped with the necessary tools for success, and engages neighborhoods and communities to help lead education innovation.

The Mind Trust came to Prolific in need of the highest quality teachers to lead classrooms for students in the heart of Indianapolis. Studies show that having a teacher who looks like them advances a student’s reading level and other vital metrics by an entire grade or more for many students. With this information in mind, recruiting and retaining top talent into the Circle City was a top priority for The Mind Trust. This request came at a time of a teacher shortage and a reluctance to teach in inner cities.


Prolific crafted a Strategic Growth Plan to keep Center Township’s top teachers and to recruit talented, diverse teachers across the country. Prolific crafted a step-by-step plan that increased teacher pay, offered multi-year contracts for teachers, provided unique recognition opportunities, and paved the way for teachers’ promotion opportunities to move into leadership.


Prolific’s Strategic Growth Plan delivered a pathway for teachers to receive one of the highest pay levels in the state of Indiana and earn bonuses—a perk typically unavailable for so many teachers nationwide.

Additionally, The College Football Playoff Foundation selected The Mind Trust as the organization they would support when the College Football Playoff comes to Indianapolis in January of 2022. This partnership will further solidify the support of a long-term, high-quality teacher workforce In Indianapolis.

“Prolific intimately listened to, and understood, diverse stakeholders- our team, community leaders, and our city’s teachers. Not only did they listen, but their strategies and recommendations were well-crafted and tailored to our local community context. They identified innovative ways to recruit and retain talent in our city and opened up new revenue streams for our continued growth. Their work will have a lasting impact on our organization and the students we serve. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product and actionable strategic plan that our team can take and run with.”

Joe White, Sr. Vice President, The Mind Trust

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