highest enrollment in school history


Warner University, founded in 1968 as Warner Southern College, called on leaders at Prolific to expand the young institution’s reach and impact. Located strategically between Orlando and Tampa, Warner sought to grow enrollment, develop their academic programs, and move from a College to a University. Prolific engaged President Greg Hall with bold ideas and compelling strategies to increase enrollment revenue, boost the endowment, reposition the school’s brand, and drive the alumni base’s affinity.


Warner University went through a Strategic Growth Plan focused on comprehensively driving enrollment growth. This 5-year plan included strategies around starting new academic programs such as agriculture, breaking ground on new academic buildings and student housing dorms, implementing an enhanced approach to advertising, re-naming and re-branding the institution, starting a football program, and having President Hall co-author a top-selling book. The results for Warner were profound.


  • Helped Warner achieve its #1 highest enrollment class in the history of the University
  • Warner’s enrollment steadily climbed for 7 consecutive years.
  • Aided in a significant spike in graduate and adult online program enrollment.

“The main reason a partnership is transformative is it produces results way beyond expectations. A partner like this discovers what otherwise goes unnoticed. I thought we were engaging the services of a highly successful consulting firm. We did, in fact, get that expertise, but so much more along the way. They took a good institution with wonderful people and made us believe in what we did in an uncommon way. This is what a transformative partner, seeking to bring your soul to life, can do.”

Gregory V. Hall, EdD, President Emeritus, Warner University

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