Prolific is the growth firm for what’s next...

Leaders are responsible for growth. People growth. Market growth. Revenue and profitability growth. The weight of this calling is heavy. Prolific partners with those who carry it. That’s you — the purpose-driven, impact-oriented, visionary leader with challenging growth goals before you. Ready to maximize what matters most? It’s why we exist.


Answers (for your due diligence)

What is a growth firm?

A growth firm is focused on one thing: aggressive gains against the growth metrics that matter most to you. Growth firms ignore vanity metrics, are slow to sell pre-packed deliverables, and are relentless toward thinking of new ways to expand your influence. We are your Growth Partner for what’s next, your biggest problem, your most important opportunity, and your toughest competitors. We maximize your revenue, relevancy, and impact.

Do you have an industry focus?

Our process is industry agnostic, and our partners prefer it this way. This is how we shed industry paradigms and strategize boldly on your behalf. However, we have achieved consistent results for consumer packaged goods brands, national non-profits, banking & finance, energy, higher education, and more.

What sort of ROI is typical?

It’s impossible to accurately predict ROI until we are fully immersed in a partnership. Our best results have come after we’ve fully researched the landscape our partners find themselves in. Our growth practices have yielded aggressive gains exceeding 600+% revenue growth, market-share capture in excess of 6x, millions of dollars in donation increases, 2x EBITDA growth, and brand awareness leaps from the bottom of the pack to the top. As your Growth Partner we’re ready to tackle the growth goals you’re ready to exceed.

How long have you been doing this?

Our growth practices began by partnering with telecommunications giant Ameritech in the mid-’90s. In the 30 years to follow, we’ve expanded our practices across industries and timezones to better serve our partners’ growth.

What will this partnership look like?

Prolific spends significant time, energy, and resources to ensure every one of our partners is fully equipped to achieve their growth goals. While a partnership is an investment from both parties, the impact from our strategies will be remembered far after the initial investment is forgotten.

Prolific People

Meet the team that’s relentless in achieving your greatest growth goals.

Adam Bernstein
Adam Bernstein, Senior Vice President
Alicia Broughton
Alicia Broughton, PR Specialist
Almera Mahmood
Almera Mahmood, Chief Financial Officer
Amanda DeWeese
Amanda DeWeese, VP of Public Relations
Amber Burkhead
Amber Burkhead, Designer
Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira, Full Stack Developer
Anthony Quach
Anthony Quach, Creative Director
Austin Bange
Austin Bange, Web Developer
Bailey Goduto
Bailey Goduto, Executive Assistant to CAO
Bobby Brooks
Bobby Brooks, Infrastructure Architect
Brad Benbow
Brad Benbow, Chief Executive Officer + Chairman
Brandis Causey
Brandis Causey, Traffic Manager
Brandon Travis
Brandon Travis, Senior Director of Technology Strategy
Brent Barbee
Brent Barbee, President of Conquer
Brent Huffman
Brent Huffman, Chief Creative Officer
Bruce Jacobs
Bruce Jacobs, Senior Vice President
Cammie Dare
Cammie Dare, Ad Ops Specialist
Caroline Sievers
Caroline Sievers, Media Planner
Casey Harwood
Casey Harwood, Senior Brand Designer
Catherine Ramirez
Catherine Ramirez, PR/Social Strategist
Chance Benbow
Chance Benbow, Chief Marketing Officer
Chris McNeely
Chris McNeely, Strategist
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson, VP of Strategic Planning
Clyde Sanchez
Clyde Sanchez, Front End Developer
Conor Levey
Conor Levey, Brand Designer
Courtney Black
Courtney Black, Account Strategy + Planning Specialist
Courtney Cook
Courtney Cook, Executive Assistant to the President of JDA
Daniel Henano
Daniel Henano, Account Strategy + Media Planning Specialist
Danielle Salley
Danielle Salley, Senior Art Director
Dave Neff
Dave Neff, Chief Revenue Officer
David Anderson
David Anderson, Vice Chairman of Chernoff Newman
David Campbell
David Campbell, COO/Vice Chairman of Chernoff Newman
David Smith
David Smith, Director of Research
Devon Kirk
Devon Kirk, Interactive Project Manager
Elizabeth Bareman
Elizabeth Bareman, Account Manager
Elizabeth Covington
Elizabeth Covington, PR Specialist
Elizabeth Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers, Senior Art Director
Elizabeth Wynn
Elizabeth Wynn, VP of Client Engagement
Elizabeth Yarborough
Elizabeth Yarborough, PR/Social Media Manager
Emily Nicastro
Emily Nicastro, Account Manager
Emily Poff
Emily Poff, Talent Specialist
Erin Green
Erin Green, Creative Operations Manager
Eron Powers
Eron Powers, Project Manager
Evann Bishop
Evann Bishop, Director of Account Strategy + Planning
Fenton Overdyke
Fenton Overdyke, VP of Research
Genevieve Gardner
Genevieve Gardner, Senior Designer
Hampton Miller
Hampton Miller, Account Manager
Heather Price
Heather Price, President of Advertising
Jacob Dalton
Jacob Dalton, Director of Marketing Science
Jae Dollason
Jae Dollason, Art Director
Jenny Jenness
Jenny Jenness, Copywriter
Joe Parker
Joe Parker, Director of Digital Marketing
Jordan Eddy
Jordan Eddy, Finance Manager
Kathy Greiwe
Kathy Greiwe, Controller
Katie Erdelac
Katie Erdelac, Project Manager
Katie Lucius
Katie Lucius, Business Operations Specialist
Katie Sayer
Katie Sayer, Executive Assistant to CSO
Kelly Wiltfong
Kelly Wiltfong, Director of Ad Ops
King Lumpkin
King Lumpkin, Chief Acquisition Officer
Lee Bussell
Lee Bussell, CEO of Chernoff Newman
Matt Wille
Matt Wille, Designer
Molly Hefka
Molly Hefka, Media Planner
Monique Holland
Monique Holland, Media Coordinator
Natalie Mubarak
Natalie Mubarak, Account Manager
Nell Warthen
Nell Warthen, Art Director
Nick Murray
Nick Murray, Account Manager
Peter Lamotte
Peter Lamotte, President of Public Relations
Phil Daniels
Phil Daniels, President of JDA Worldwide
Phillip Wilkins
Phillip Wilkins, Designer
Prussia George
Prussia George, Chief Financial Officer at Chernoff Newman
Rick Silver
Rick Silver, Vice Chairman
Sara Lewis
Sara Lewis, Director of Buying
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez, Digital Marketing Specialist
Stephanie Meyer
Stephanie Meyer, Ethos + Logistics Manager
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson, Senior Ad Ops Specialist
Teah Rushing
Teah Rushing, Digital Designer
Tia Ternberg
Tia Ternberg, Media Coordinator
Tiffany Bastian
Tiffany Bastian, Office Coordinator
Toni McEwan
Toni McEwan, Senior Vice President
Tony Miranda
Tony Miranda, Business Development Executive
Trevor Baker
Trevor Baker, Senior Copywriter
Tye Price
Tye Price, Executive VP of Brand Strategy
Tyler Hernly
Tyler Hernly, Chief Strategist
Union Williams
Union Williams, Sr. Director of Accounts
Whitney Burt
Whitney Burt, Financial Analyst

Portfolio Companies

JDA Worldwide is a full-service marketing agency serving consumer brands, impactful non-profit organizations, and fast-growing companies since 2003.


Visit JDA Worldwide

Conquer is a national paid-media agency driven by marketing science, predictive analytics, thorough planning, and measurable execution.


Visit Conquer

Chernoff Newman is an integrated communications company that combines creativity with business know-how to deliver cross-channel solutions based on research and driven by results.

Visit Chernoff Newman

Values that Guide Us


We practice respect. We believe all people deserve dignity, should feel heard, and be seen.

We nurture relationships. They drive everything we do. We want to continuously build trust and friendships with our partners.

We are resilient. Adversity is promised; solutions are possible. We push through when times get tough and come out stronger with you because of it.


Unlock opportunities and possibilities for growth-minded leaders.


A more abundant and generous world.

Prolific History

Our history is dated back to 1987 when we began providing strategic planning and advertising sales strategies to enterprise-level clients. Since then, we’ve sold to media giants and acquired and started a handful of companies. Along the way, we formed Prolific to combine our marketing experience with growth strategy and growth capital to give our partners all they need to exceed their growth goals.

  • 1987 – Rutter Communications co-founded by Chairman and CEO Brad Benbow
  • 1990’s – Rutter becomes national cable TV representation firm leader with offices coast to coast
  • 1996 – Rutter begins work with telecommunications giant Ameritech on strategic planning and growth consulting
  • 2000’s – Rutter begins sale of markets to Comcast, Time Warner, and other telecom leaders
  • 2003 – JDA Worldwide, a full-service marketing agency co-founded by Brad Benbow, begins operations
  • 2013 – JDA appears on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the US
  • 2015 – Conquer, a full-service paid media agency, launches out of JDA
  • 2017 – JDA re-appears on the Inc. 5000; begins five-year run making the list
  • 2017 – JDA named #2 fastest growing company by Indiana Business Journal
  • 2018 – JDA named #6 fastest growing company by Indiana Business Journal
  • 2019 – Prolific launches as the parent company to JDA and other portfolio companies
  • 2020 – Prolific HQ opens in downtown Indianapolis
  • 2021 – Prolific featured on the Indiana Chamber’s Best Places to Work list