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revenue growth

“We view Prolific as a part of our team. Prolific is Biglife. They have helped us scale our revenue and impact — telling our story in inspiring ways that have caused real action. Their strategic expertise will continue to guide this organization for years to come.”

John Heerema, CEO, Biglife

Lacking an organization-wide strategic plan and in need of far greater donor revenue, Biglife called upon Prolific to provide the strategies and execution necessary to make the global impact the ministry was called to live out.


highest enrollment in school history

“The main reason a partnership is transformative is that it produces results way beyond expectations. A partner like this discovers what other wise goes unnoticed. I thought we were engaging the services of a highly successful consulting firm. We did, in fact, get that expertise, and so much more along the way. They took a good institution with wonderful people and made us believe in what we did in an uncommon way. This is what a transformative partner, seeking to bring your soul to life, can do.”

Gregory V. Hall, EdD, President Emeritus, Warner University

Warner University called on the leaders at Prolific to help expand the young institution’s reach and impact. Located strategically between Orlando and Tampa, Warner sought to grow enrollment, expand academic programs, and move from a College to a University.


jumped from the 13th to the 2nd most visited sports site in the world

“Bleacher Report’s success in online publishing was directly attributable to Prolific’s hard work, dedication, and vision. People tend to overuse the word ‘partner’ these days, but I can’t even imagine trying to ramp up a national media effort without them.”

Rich Calacci, Chief Revenue Officer, Bleacher Report

In a pack of over a dozen sports .com’s vying for more unique users and sales, Bleacher Report turned to Prolific for strategies focused on market share capture, revenue generation, and marketing execution expertise.

Doubled advertising exposure, increased YoY tournament ticket sales, helped sell-out the pre-tournament country music concert, and assisted in raising $4.6m for the Davis Love III Foundation.

Partnership executed alongside Prolific portfolio company, Conquer

Helped emerging salsa and BBQ brand, DL Jardines, increase its EBITDA by 2x through innovative product packaging, enhanced paid media analytics, and strategic consulting.

Assisted Hillsdale College’s over 50% increase in endowment funds targeting specific alumni groups through national and regional paid media. With an advertising mix comprised of high-profile sporting events and targeted opinion leaders and influencers, Hillsdale College’s web traffic dramatically increased with 92% more users.

Partnership executed alongside Prolific portfolio company, Conquer
Wendy Steele

“We now have a Strategic Plan full of vision for the future, but also tactics for immediate action. We believe this plan will unlock the growth we need to reach thousands of women around the world.”

Wendy Steele
Founder & Chief Executive, Impact100

Leapt from #4 to #1 in Industry Brand Awareness

“In my 35 years of doing consumer research, I have never seen a company make that kind of a bold move that quickly. Prolific’s strategies were so strong for SandRidge that it allowed a billion-dollar brand to move from #4 to #1 in brand recognition in less than a year.”

Britt Beemer, CEO, ARG

SandRidge Energy came to Prolific looking for strategy and human capital expertise to reach the energy sector’s finest candidates. With Prolific’s expertise, SandRidge’s brand awareness skyrocketed, and they were able to recruit talent that aligned with their mission and vision.


increase in monthly paid subscribers

“Prolific was an instrumental strategic partner in our growth at PureFlix Digital. Their strategy and data capabilities helped drive our subscriber base to new heights, helping us reach and convert our target audience efficiently and effectively. Prolific worked hard, listened, and were true partners in our success.”

Greg Gudorf, CEO, PureFlix Digital

With intense competition amongst streaming video-on-demand service providers, Prolific partnered with PureFlix with the opportunity to “own” the family-friendly, faith-based households within the marketplace. 


market share increase on specific products

One word that characterizes our long-standing partnership is trust. While that is mandatory for all business relationships, it’s harder to come by in the agency world where frequent over-promising and under-delivering dilutes integrity and prevents progress.”

Jim Motos, VP of Consumer Brand Division, Rich's

Helped SeaPak stand out from a crowded space of frozen seafood brands and dialed up key research-driven strategies focused on market share capture, revenue gains, and grocery store relationships. 

Partnership executed alongside Prolific portfolio company, Conquer.


largest grant ever received in the college’s 192-year history

“With a limited timeline, we knew Prolific could hit the ground running and be impartial and professional in a large series of interviews and focus groups. Prolific’s research uncovered things we didn’t necessarily want to hear, but we needed to know about them to address the problems. That research provided the backbone for a proposal that led to the largest grant in Wabash’s 192-year history.”

Jim Amidon, Chief of Staff & Director of Strategic Communications


Seth Morales

“Prolific’s recommendations were strategic, creative, and growth-oriented. We’re confident that the implementation of their recommendations will yield major results.”

Seth Morales
CEO, Morales Group

Guided Invesque through a comprehensive corporate rebrand – growing to become the #1 fastest growing REIT in the U.S. (asset growth IPO to Q4 2019).

Aided luxury light switch and socket brand Legrand in capturing 100,000+ email opt-in leads while simultaneously driving increased website exposure for the worldwide category leader.

Partnership executed alongside Prolific portfolio company, Conquer

Began working with Museum of the Bible when, according to Nielsen, the organization’s national brand awareness sat at .16%. Upon executing Prolific’s strategies and campaign Museum of the Bible’s brand awareness sky rocketed to 11% nationally while welcoming over 500,000 visitors in the first six month of the museum’s opening.

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